Types of Anti-Slip Bath Mats

woman using an anti-slip bath mat

Certain areas of your house, such as the bathroom, shower, kitchen, and balcony, are more prone to having wet and slippery floors. Ironically, these areas are amongst the most frequently used in any home. Unfortunately, wet floors and slippery tiles are the leading reason for bathroom accidents. This is especially true for the elderly population, pregnant women, and individuals with mobility issues. 

Whether it is from rain or a wet bathroom after taking a shower, wet flooring often results in unnecessary accidents and injury. To avoid these mishaps, anti-slip mats have been created. Anti-slip mats are a great form of fall prevention and can be used in any type of home. There are many types of anti-slip bath mats, therefore, before purchasing one, it is wise to be informed of each different type and their intended functions. 

Why Should I Buy an Anti-Slip Mat?

As mentioned, slick and moist floors are a significant hazard. Some surfaces such as tile or laminate are more prone to being slippery when moist than other types of flooring, such as carpet. Accidents that occur as a result of a misplaced step may be embarrassing, painful, and financially-damaging. For this reason, it is recommended to have anti-slip floor mats set in place, especially in areas of your home that are prone to wet conditions. 

Kelmedix’s line of safety anti-slip mats is an affordable solution to protecting your home from the dangers of moisture – while making sure that you and your family are secure on your feet. A huge aspect of this safety lies in the rubber material used to make our anti-slip bath mats. It enhances traction while inhibiting moisture. Every type of home flooring, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial, will benefit from the presence of anti-slip mats.

The Different Anti-Slip Mat Options 

When it comes to home safety equipment, you always want to ensure that you are buying the correct products. Wet floors are known to frequently cause accidents among the elderly, pregnant women, and individuals with mobility issues. However, this can be avoided by purchasing anti-slip mats that keep your floor dry and safe for walking. Anti-slip mats come in many different forms, with each one being intended for a different part of the house. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of anti-slip bath mats. 

Floor Mats

Floor mats refer to any type of mat that is meant to be utilized on the floor. Additionally, there are indoor and outdoor variations of floor mats. However, for the purpose of preventing falls, we are referring to anti-slip floor mats that help individuals get a good grip and avoid slipping accidents and injury.

Shower Mats

To explain, shower mats are laid down in your bathroom so that you can feel comfortable and safe without the worry of slipping and falling. Most of the anti-slip mats you will find are considered shower mats, however, their versatile nature makes them ideal for usage in various areas of the home.

For example, our Rose Health Care Non-Slip Hydro Rug is perfect for individuals who would like to add a level of safety to their shower. This mat is specially designed to allow water to flow through loofah-like poly fibers, resist mildew and stains, dry quickly, and is securely suctioned to the shower floor by eight suction cups.

Table Mats

Table mats are generally designed to protect frequently-used tables from dust, stains, and dirt. There are a variety of options for individuals in search of quality table mats. However, there are also table mats that come equipped with anti-slip properties. Anti-slip table mats are perfect for office desks, dining tables, coffee tables, and study tables.

Outdoor Mats

Outdoor mats are created to be stronger and durable than indoor mats, as they are exposed to diverse and extreme climates and weather conditions. Anti-slip outdoor mats are perfect for individuals who have outdoor patios that frequently experience rain, causing the pavement or flooring to become wet and slippery. Instead of worrying about falling on a rainy day, you should opt for a durable outdoor mat. Because of their durability, these mats typically last for a long time. 

Acupressure Mats

Acupressure mats are designed to provide the same benefits as acupressure massage. To explain, acupressure is a method designed to release tension or energy throughout the body. Oftentimes, this helps to reduce or completely eliminate troubling pain in the body. Acupressure mats contain a large number of plastic points that provide healthy pressure to many acupressure points in the back. Many individuals opt for these mats as they help alleviate back pain and headaches.

Purchase an Anti-Slip Bath Mat at Kelmedix

At Kelmedix, we have a large selection of quality anti-slip mats that serve different purposes and functions. From table mats from floor mats to bath mats and workout mats, all of our products are anti-slip and anti-skid, helping you prevent accidents, falls, or slips. Even more, we ship all of your items right to your doorstep, saving you the time and effort of shopping at a store. Take a look at our wide selection of medical equipment, safety supplies, and anti-slip bath mats available on our online store.