Scooters for Sale – The 7 Best Mobility Scooters

SCOOTERS FOR SALE - The 7 Best Mobility Scooters

Best 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter for Sale

Pride Mobility Maxima 4 Scooter

If you’re looking for a sturdy 4-wheel mobility scooter, the Pride Mobility Maxima 4 scooter is the Pride scooter for you! A well made, high quality, trusted product, this Pride scooter is a heavy duty scooter, perfect for the bariatric market. With a 500lb weight capacity, the mobility scooter allows you to enjoy the freedom of being able to move around easily. The heavy duty scooter travels at a maximum speed of 5.3 mph and has a driving range of 30 miles. It features a charger, front basket, forward and reverse controls, a thicker seat for better comfort, and a 60-inch lap belt so that you feel safe at every turn. Retailing for just over $3,000, this is the best high-quality mobility scooter for sale.

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Best All-Terrain Mobility Scooter for Sale

A trusted brand, the EWheels EW-M93 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter is the newest model of the EWheels mobility scooter. Retailing for over $2,500, this heavy duty mobility scooter has a weight capacity of 500lbs while also having a top speed of 9.3 mph and a travel range of 25 miles. These features make this mobility scooter perfect for many different medical conditions. This scooter features a 22-inch wide reclining and swiveling captain seat with a headrest, a front and rear suspension system, a bigger motor, larger tires, and an anti-fatigue handlebar. This mobility scooter is unique for its high weight capacity and all-terrain capabilities. It is truly the package deal and is a quality product you won’t regret purchasing.

Other All-Terrain Mobility Scooters for Sale: Pride Mobility Revo 2.0, EWheels Medical EW-M34

Best High-Weight Capacity Mobility Scooter for Sale

The Pride Mobility Maxima 3 Scooter is one of the higher-end mobility scooters for sale. Retailing for just under $3,000, this scooter boasts a weight capacity of up to 500lbs, catering specifically to the bariatric market. Offered in a candy apple red and a viper blue, this 3-wheel scooter is best suited for those looking for higher weight capacity and a comfortable 22-inch wide folding seat with an ergonomic design. This pride mobility scooter reaches a speed of up to 5.3mph and has a driving range of 10 miles. To reflect its value, this Pride scooter comes with a rear-view mirror, a front basket, a cane/crutch holder, a lap belt, an oxygen tank holder, a safety flag, a cover, and more!

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Fastest Mobility Scooter for Sale

The Pride Mobility Raptor 3-Wheel comes in six different color options and reaches speeds of up to 14 mph while still having a weight capacity of 400lbs. Show off your color combo by choosing between an all-black scooter, candy apple red, true blue, evolution orange, green machine, lemon crush, and pink topaz. This mobility scooter has a turning radius of 60 inches and a reclining fold-flat seat that is adjustable. It also has a USB charger and an LCD console which displays your speed, battery, and mileage. Not only that, but this is one of the only mobility scooters for sale that features under-seat storage. Retailing for around $2,000, this pride mobility scooter is sure to get you to where you need to be quick!

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Most Versatile Mobility Scooter for Sale

The Pride Mobility Victory 10 3-Wheel scooter comes in a sleek and sporty design and disassembles with an easy Feather-Touch system. Costing just under $2,000, this mobility scooter offers a weight capacity of 400lbs, while maintaining a top speed of 5.2 mph and a driving range of 16 miles. This mobility scooter is on the smaller side, allowing for easier transportation and travel. Features included in this Pride scooter are a front basket, a swivel seat, a cellphone holder, a crutch holder, a cup holder, and more. This versatile scooter has a lightweight, foldable, and foam padded seat that ensures premium comfort. This is the perfect scooter for you if you’re looking for a scooter that has all the features you want at a reasonable price.

Other Versatile Mobility Scooters for Sale: Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveller, EWheels Medical EW-M33

Best Travel Mobility Scooter for Sale

The EWheels Medical EW-M33 3-Wheel mobility scooter is unique because it disassembles in mere seconds to allow for easy transportation. If you are looking for a lightweight, affordable option under $1,000, then this EWheels scooter is your best bet. With a weight capacity of 300 lbs, a maximum speed of 4 mph, and a range of 9 miles, this scooter is perfect for someone who wants to be more mobile. This EWheels mobility scooter features puncture-proof tires, a swivel chair, padded armrests and weighs only 30lbs, making it easy to transport. Another unique feature of this mobility scooter is that it comes with a one-year in-home contract service so that you can have someone show up at your door if you run into any problems.

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Lightest Weight Mobility Scooter for Sale

Elite Traveller Plus 3 Red

The Pride Mobility Go-Go ES2 3-Wheel scooter is an inexpensive scooter (under $1,000) that is lightweight and ideal for someone looking for an entry-level mobility scooter. The smaller size and lighter weight of this Pride scooter make it easier to maneuver and transport. This mobility scooter features a foldable tiller, foldable basket, and a foldable and removable seat that makes for easy transportation. It reaches speeds of 4 mph, has a driving range of 6.80 miles and a weight capacity of 250 lbs. Two-speed options allow you to use this Pride scooter indoors and outdoors with great adaptability. Another perk of this mobility scooter is that it comes with a free one-year in-home service in case you ever have trouble with your Pride scooter.

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