Mangar ELK Lifting Cushion

Mangar ELK Lifting Cushion


Mangar ELK Emergency Lifting Cushion

Mangar ELK Emergency Lifting Cushion is a compact, battery powered lifting cushion that will lift a fallen person.


Mangar Elk Emergency Lift is simple and safe, as well as minimize the risk of musculoskeletal injuries to the paramedic or caregiver.


Elk lifting cushion is operated by low air pressure using the Airflo Plus power source. It can then be inflated at the touch of a button with someone supporting the individual from behind to bring them to a raised seated position ready to stand.

ELK Emergency Lifting Cushion Highlights

  • Is inflatable
  • Simple to use
  • ELK protect staff
  • Applicable for any age
  • Maintains patient dignity
  • Reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Airflo controlled
  • Portable – weighs just 8lbs and folds up for easy carrying
  • Minimizing moving and handling risk – protects carers’ backs
  • With the help of a carer, it can be used in the tightest of spaces

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– Mangar AirFlo 24 Air Compressor


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Easy to use:

  • Lifting cushion is inflated using an Airflo Compressor using a simple hand control
  • Simple to use, requiring very little training
  • Suitable for use inside or out
  • Can be used by one carer

Safe lifting:

  • Lifts the frailest person up to 70 stone / 450 kg from the floor
  • Exceptionally rigid and stable
  • Ideal for carers of individuals with neurological disorders who fall regularly

Simple to maintain:

  • Can be cleaned using a proprietary nonabrasive mild liquid cleaner.
  • Easy to deflate, fold away and store
  • Does not need a LOLER certificate

Improves well being:

  • Provides a safe, dignified lift for a fallen person
  • Reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injury for the carer
  • Can be used in confined spaces where traditional lifting equipment may not fit

Also Available (Separately):
– Mangar AirFlo 24 Air Compressor

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