Dexcom G5 ® Touch Screen Receiver Kit

Dexcom G5 ® Touch Screen Receiver Kit


Dexcom G5 ® Touch Screen Receiver Kit

  • Customizable alarms for high & low Settings with specific tones and melodies
  • Displays directional trends in easy to read graph: yellow for high range, red for low range and gray for target range
  • Displays glucose numbers every 5 minutes
  • Auto download from smart device, USB download from receiver
  • Alarms for Hypoglycemia: Yes


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The new touchscreen receiver was designed to have all of the same functions of the previous G5 receiver.

The large screen size makes it easy to view your glucose activity so you can see when it’s trending high, low or within range.

Instead of using buttons to navigate, you can now tap on menu items on the touchscreen. Additionally, many system alerts have been updated with more information to help you resolve the issue.

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