Advanced Orthopaedics © Hernia Belt

Advanced Orthopaedics © Hernia Belt


Advanced Orthopaedics © Hernia Belt

• Removable and adjustable pads
• Discreet
• Double belt


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Advanced Orthopaedics © Hernia Belt


The Advanced Orthopaedics © Hernia Belt helps to reduce pain and discomfort of hernia bulging by applying resistive pressure over the location.


  • Includes removable left and right loam pads.
  • To treating a single hernia, remove the unneeded pad from the support.
  • Unhook the leg straps from the base and undo one side of the waistband.
  • Position the support and pad on the affected area and fasten the waist strap.
  • Adjust both sides of the waist strap evenly.
  • Pull the waistband to obtain desired position and compression.
  • Pass the leg straps through the legs and through the loop buckle on the front of the base, secure the hook and loop closure on the leg strap.
  • Ensure the leg straps are comfortable and not twisted.
  • To remove, undo one side of the waist strap and step out of the support like trousers, with the leg straps still securely fastened.

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