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How Do Lift Chairs Work?

Lift chairs are a type of durable chair that also qualify as medical equipment. These chairs are similar to recliners, but they also help lift you from a seated to a standing position without another person.

Lift recliners include a strong lifting mechanism that tilts the chair forward so that people can easily stand up, instead of having to push themselves out of a chair. These chairs can be excellent for anyone with strength or mobility limitations, as they offer the opportunity to maintain quality of life and independence at home.

Here are the four best lift chairs for sale in 2020.

LC-358S, LC-358M, LC-358L, LC-358XL, LC-358XXL, LC-358PW

Among the best lift recliners on the market is the Pride Mobility Heritage LC-358XXL. This chair is suitable for those who require a more durable model, as it can hold up to 600 pounds of weight. The LC-358XXL is specifically designed as a bariatric chair, so it is tailored to anyone recovering from bariatric surgery or struggling with mobility limitations from obesity. It features a seat that measures 30 inches in width for optimal comfort.

What sets this lift chair apart from the competition is its synchronized dual motor system. It helps the chair’s two motors to move at the same speed, which prevents wear and tear and the need for frequent repairs to the lift chair. Another functional feature of the LC-358XXL is the fact it contains a USB charging port, so you can charge phones and tablets while sitting in the chair. It also contains a removable back and operates quietly, despite its two-motor system.

One of the best lift chair recliners is the Pride Mobility Essential LC-105. This lift chair features rolled armrests, a removable back, and a USB remote with a port for charging. It holds up to 325 pounds of weight, and its seat is 20 inches wide. It comes in a variety of neutral colors and its wooden frame is made of engineered hardwood and laminate to increase durability.

This lift chair is a three-position chaise lounger that is suitable for individuals from 5’2’’ to 5’10’’ in height. It is also highly energy-efficient, and it features a built-in back-up battery, so you can still operate the chair in cases of a power outage.

For those who are in the market for larger recliner lift chairs, the Essential LC is also available in the 205 model, which has a weight capacity of 375 pounds. This model is suitable for those from 5’4’ to 6’0’’ tall. This is also a three-position chaise lounger, but it is slightly wider than the 105 model, with a 22-inch seat.

Among the top lift chairs for sale, the Pride Mobility Essential is an economical model that is suitable for individuals with a variety of issues that impact mobility.

LC-380, LC-580iM, LC-580iL

Also among the top lift chair recliners is the Pride Mobility 580 Oasis Model. It features a contoured memory foam seat and an overstuffed back for maximum comfort. Additional comfort features include a standard lumbar pillow. Because of these features, the Oasis lift chair is suitable for those who struggle with pain or who have limited mobility and spend a significant amount of time in their lift chairs.

The Oasis is a zero-gravity chaise lounger, and it comes with a remote that includes four memory buttons to allow you to program multiple positions. It also has a 375-pound weight capacity and comes in two sizes. The medium has a 20-inch wide seat and is 26 inches from top to seat, whereas the large has a 21-inch wide seat and is 29 inches from top to seat.

Stylistically, the Oasis is set apart from the competition, as it is available in four different fabrics as well as a variety of colors. It also offers a USB charging station for convenience.

PLR-975M - Badlands Walnut

Rounding out the list of the top lift chairs is the Pride Mobility Viva Lift Elegance PLR-975m. This is perhaps the most customizable of the recliner lift chairs, as it allows you to lay flat or sit relaxed, reclined, or in an upward lift. It features a movable backrest as well as a power headrest, which lifts the head, neck, and shoulders. It also includes a footrest extension, which allows you to completely stretch your legs. A USB remote controls all of the features of this lift chair, and it includes a charging port.

Available in three attractive, sophisticated colors, the VivaLift Elegance offers a combination of comfort, functionality, and elegance. Given the fact that it can be customized for so many different positions, it is suitable for anyone who spends a significant amount of time in their chairs, and even those who may sleep in recliner lift chairs.

This model includes a back-up battery, allowing it to remain operational even when faced with a power outage. It offers a 400-pound weight limit, making it slightly stronger than some other models. It is also available in a large, which is two inches longer from top to seat.

Pride Makes the Best Lift Chairs on the Market

Pride Mobility offers a variety of lift chair recliners, and the four discussed here are the top recliner lift chairs on the market. Each chair herein offers comfort and quality, and there is a range of selections available to meet each user’s individual needs. For instance, someone receiving care for bariatric health concerns may benefit from the Pride Mobility Heritage LC-358XXL, but people looking for an economical model for everyday use may prefer the Essential LC-105. Regardless of the specific lift chair chosen, each model mentioned here offers the opportunity to remain safe and independent at home, in order to maintain your preferred lifestyle.

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