Lift Chair Buying Guide for 2020



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What is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair is a medical device that looks and functions just like a regular recliner except for the powerful lifting mechanism that offers the ability to stand up safely or recline in comfortable positions. These chairs benefit a wide range of people including those with severe arthritis, recovering from shoulder or back surgery, and anyone who has a medical condition that makes it difficult to sleep lying down. Kelmedix proudly sells Pride Mobility lift recliners.

Family is the most important part of your life. If you have medical needs, a lift chair can help make you comfortable in a cozy place that brings your family together. There are many types of lift chairs, all designed to provide you with comfort and relaxation.

How Does a Lift Chair Operate?

Power lift chairs are quite easy to operate and have several safety features built into them. There are typically three buttons on the chair. One will lower the footrest and the other will lower the backrest. To stand up, the up button will raise the base of the chair allowing you to stand up with ease. The lift chair does the work, removing the struggle of moving from sitting to standing.

Three Types of Cords

There are three main types of cords in power lift chairs. The wall to the transformer, the transformer to the motor, and the hand control are all different cords that help make up the safety features of power lift chairs. Most Pride lift recliners have color-coded cords and connections to avoid any confusion.

Locking and Unlocking

How to Unlock: Locking and unlocking lift recliners are quite simple. Most of them have a button on the remote that allows you to do this in seconds. For Pride lift chairs you hold the Lock button for 3 seconds to lock the hand control. To unlock the hand control hold the Lock button for 6 seconds.

Smart Phone App

Allows for a more customizable experience with remote settings all from your cell phone. For many people, the app allows for more intuitive operation of the power recliner because the options are clearly labeled and you don’t need to remember how to work the multiuse buttons on the chair. This option is not available on all types of power lift chairs.



A two-way position is where the chair has only two positions. The upright position is the standard one for all chairs, and the reclined position allows you to put down both the head and footrest at the same time.


A three-way recliner differs from a two-way in that the three-way has one more position that allows you to go all the way down into a sleeping position.


Infinite lift chairs provide the widest range of motion of all the chairs on this list. The head and footrest operate independently allowing any position from upright to laying down without a preset recline.

Zero Gravity

The zero-gravity chair is very similar to the infinite chair with the added benefit of a seat that can also be moved up or down. This movement allows for increased circulation to your lower back and takes the pressure off your spine.

Back Style


Button backed lift chairs have distinctive buttons in the cushion making them look like more traditional recliners and they tend to be firmer than the others.


A split-back design is characterized by two cushions on the backrest.


The biscuit back looks exactly like it sounds. It is made up of a cross-work of cushions that give the chair extra comfort and support for larger users.

Sewn Pillow

One of the softest lift chairs with a solid pillow that offers great support and comfort.


The main difference between the pillow and sewn pillow is that the pillow often comes with features that allow it to be adjusted for optimal comfort.

Fabric Type


The cloth provides much more versatile uses than leather can offer. The fabric often comes with anti-slip and antibacterial technology that also makes it easy to clean. However, this fabric may not be ideal for those living with incontinence.


Leather is great for those who want a more traditional and aesthetically pleasing lift chair. Leather is also more durable than fabric but is more difficult to clean.


Lift chairs come in a wide variety of colors and styles. However, the type of fabric you choose will often dictate what kind of color you want. Companies like Pride offer a large selection of colors but are not available for every fabric so you would need to weigh how it looks versus what you need the chair to do for you.


Weight Capacity

Most lift chairs have a weight capacity of around 350 pounds, but Pride lift chairs come standard with a 600-pound capacity. Be careful to choose the right weight capacity for your size because it could void the warranty.

Body Size

There are many sizes of power chairs to fit the right size. There are chairs for people with higher weights. There are petite chairs for shorter users. The smallest chairs have a back height of about 22 inches with the largest power lift chairs having a height of about 29 inches. There are also petite wide chairs if you are shorter and heavier. There are also chairs for taller users and chairs for taller users that are also heavier. Whatever your needs, you can find a lift chair to fit.


Most lift chairs are built for people who are 5” to about 6”1’. Anyone taller than that should look for something bigger to be comfortable. Pride Lift Chairs have one of the largest selections on the market of taller lift recliners.


Chaise Pad

There are two versions of a chaise pad: split and full. Split has a gap between the cushion on the seat and footrest while a full chaise pad has one continuous foam pad from the seat to the footrest that works best when fully extended. While most lift chairs for sale have only one of these options, a Pride Lift Chair can come with either of these styles.

Footrest Extension

For those that are taller, there is a footrest extension to keep your legs comfortable and keeps the pressure off your heels.

Heat and Massage

Some chairs provide heat and massage therapy to soothe sore muscles. This feature comes standard in a wide selection of Pride life chairs.

Power Lumbar

This headrest, which comes standard with a Pride Lift Chair, provides unparalleled support for your head and neck.

Battery Backup

This safety feature is standard on every lift chair since it ensures if the power ever goes out the chair will be able to take the user back to an upright position.


Bluetooth capability allows users to integrate stereo surround sound while watching their favorite videos and movies in their lift recliners.


USB lets users recharge any USB capable device in its port like cell phones, computers, and some radios.

Lift Chair Care


Cleaning lift chairs are best done using mild cleaners and do not over-saturate the fabric as this could inadvertently cause damage to the electrical components.


Keep liquids off electrical components and make sure your lift chair is properly plugged into an outlet with a ground to avoid shock. If any electrical issues are noticed, stop using the chair immediately and call for technical support.

Rips and Tears

Lift recliners should be checked for rips and tears frequently. While there are many do it yourself upholstery repair kits on the market, using one of these could void the warranty so it is best to call for help with this.


Most chairs come with either a one, three, or five-year warranty that covers the frame and motor, but Pride lift chairs come with a lifetime warranty on most models.

Pride as the Preferred Brand

Pride lift chairs are the best on the market and have our selection as the number one. These chairs come with the most variety. The prices cannot be beaten, and they stand by the quality of their product with lifetime warranties. No matter what kind of lift recliners you are looking for Pride Lift Chairs has something for you. So, if you are looking for lift chairs for sale do not just settle, choose a lift chair from Pride!