How to Use a Lumbar Support Pillow

As your spine ages, you may begin to feel aches and pains in your back. The spine is a column of twenty-four bones that stretch from your skull to your tailbone, encasing the spinal cord. The spine’s bones, or vertebrae, are connected by tiny joints known as facets. In between, discs that are filled with a jelly-like substance serve as a cushion. Additionally, rope-like ligaments stabilize the spine. Oftentimes, as individuals age, many of the protective features of spines begin to deteriorate. The most common causes of back pain in elderly communities include degenerative changes in discs and joints, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and lumbar disc issues.

To prevent or ease back pain, there are a variety of medical products individuals may use. One of the best ways to relieve back pain and tension is through the use of a lumbar support pillow. Lumbar support pillows are intended to ease back pain and offer support, allowing the spine to remain in a natural position while sitting or lying on the back. Support pillows are available in several forms, including some models that utilize memory foam for comfort. Lumbar support pillows work by the shape of the pillow resting along the inner curve of the spine, offering constant support while cradling the lower back.

Additionally, lumbar pillows are designed to be lightweight for easy travel. Sitting for long periods without lumbar support may cause the muscles to tense and cramp. As a result, individuals with lumbar disc problems will experience back pain, as well as pain down the legs. Keeping that in mind, it is important to utilize a lumbar support pillow if you or a loved one suffer from back pain stemming from lumbar disc issues.

Step 1: Shopping for a Lumbar Support Pillow

When purchasing a lumbar support pillow, it is important to do your research and find the best one for your specific needs and budget. In other words, you should shop around for a lumbar support pillow, try different brands, and pillows containing different materials before deciding on a specific one. For example, some lumbar support pillows include gel inserts. To determine whether a specific lumbar support pillow is right for you, place the pillow in a chair to see if it provides the amount of comfort you need. For convenience, you should look for a lumbar support pillow that has a washable cover.

Step 2: Obtain Multiple Pillows

The best way to ensure lessened back pain is to purchase multiple lumbar support pillows. You should leave one on a favorite chair in the house, one in the car, and another at your work office. This allows for one less thing to carry during your daily commute. Additionally, it increases the possibility of using the pillow daily, as it is readily available everywhere you frequent.

Step 3: Proper Placement

Your lumbar pillow should be placed vertically in a chair. This is because the pillow needs to rest in the small of your back to shape to the normal curve of the spine. To experience the best results of a lumbar support pillow, sit in a chair with firm support. When sitting for long periods, in addition to using the lumbar pillow, you should place your feet on a small stool or step to help relieve any stress on the back, according to numerous medical studies.

Step 4: Use the Pillow in Your Car

Because nerve pain that travels down the legs while driving is common for individuals with back injuries, you should use the lumbar support pillow in the car, especially for trips longer than 15 minutes. The lumbar support pillow helps alleviate pain in the legs and the back while driving or sitting for prolonged periods.

Step 5: Lie on Your Back While Sleeping

For the best lumbar support, you should lie on your back while sleeping. Elevating the knees and propping them with a few regular pillows also helps to reduce pressure on the lower spine. Additionally, lumbar pillows may be placed between the knees, if you frequently sleep on your side.

Step 6: Travel With Your Lumbar Support Pillow

Back pain does not end when you decide to go on a vacation, so neither should your back-pain relieving techniques. Keeping this in mind, you should always travel with your lumbar support pillow. This is especially important if you are flying or taking other long-distance modes of transportation. Your trip will be more peaceful and comfortable when you use a lumbar support pillow.

Purchasing a Lumbar Support Pillow

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