How to Choose the Right Pill Organizer For You

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Pill organizers can work miracles for people who have difficulty remembering to take their medications on time. While many people think pill organizers are only for people in nursing homes, up to 50% of patients participating in long-term pharmacotherapy do not take their medications correctly. Three leading reasons for medication non-adherence in the United States are:

  1. Factors related to individual patients, such as poor health literacy, forgetfulness, and lack of involvement in the diagnosis-treatment process.
  2. Factors related to physicians such as complex drug regimens, poor communication, or lack of provision of care between multiple doctors caring for a single patient
  3. Factors related to healthcare systems such as short office visits, unaffordable health care costs, and a lack of adequate patient care and/or technology.

Even though there are several reasons why so many people fail to take their medications correctly, finding the right pill organizer can help you take responsibility for your medication regimen and encourage medication compliance. 

People who are unable to adhere to their medication schedule can face dire consequences, such as increased healthcare costs and reduced quality of life. Whether you struggle to comply with your medication schedule or you simply have too many medications to keep track of, we’re here to help you choose the right pill organizer.

Choose a Pill Organizer Based on Your Individual Lifestyle Needs

Everyone is different so it’s important to choose a pill organizer that meets your specific needs. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself to help determine these needs.

  • How often do I need to take my pills? Do I take my pills multiple times a day, once in the morning and once at night, once a day, or weekly? How many pills do I take each time I take a dose? Does this number vary from one time of day to the next?
  • Do I often forget to take my pills? Could I benefit from having a reminder to take my medication? Or, am I worried about someone getting into my medications and need to keep them locked away?
  • How active am I? Do I travel a lot? Or, am I always at home taking my medication in the same setting?
  • Do any of my pills need to be crushed or cut in half?

Outlining the details about your dosing schedule and medication adherence will help you narrow down your options when you start looking for a pill organizer.

Types of Pill Organizers and Accessories to Choose From

Once you’ve identified your personal needs, it’s time to choose the right pill organizer for you. There are several different kinds of pill organizers you can purchase as well as accessories like pill cutters and reminder systems to help you adhere to your medication schedule.

One-a-Day Pill Organizers

This is the most common type of organizer and is more than likely what you think of when you hear the term pill organizer. These usually come in the form of a see-through plastic container with 7 compartments, each labeled for a specific day of the week. Others, such as the Rose Health Care 31 Day Pill Organizer, provide you with 31 pop-out compartments, allowing you to organize your medication for a full month.

These devices are small, lightweight, and affordable for any budget. The only downside is that these organizers only have a single compartment for each individual day, meaning once-a-day organizers are best for people who only have to take their medication one time a day.

Multiple-Compartment Organizers

If you have to take your medications multiple times a day, there are twice-a-day, three-times-a-day, and four-times-a-day organizers that will work best for you. These pill organizers have either two, three, or four separate compartments that can hold different pills for the specific times of day you take your medications. 

Many of these, including the Rose Health Care Pop-Up Weekly Pill Organizer, are color-coded for each day of the week and feature double-lock compartments that ensure pills stay put in their allotted compartment. Pill organizers that have multiple compartments are ideal for people who have to take their medications more than once a day.

Pill Cutters and Crushers

If you are someone who needs to crush your pills or cut them in half to adhere to your prescription, you’re going to need a tool that makes doing so easy. The Rose Health Care Pill Cutter and Crusher is made from heavy-duty plastic and features mechanisms that will store, crush, and cut your pills with precision. This specific pill cutter even has a drinking vessel, so you can crush your pills in the device and pour the contents directly into your drink.

Medication Reminder Systems

Even after you have chosen the right pill organizer, you may still forget to take your medication. If remembering your medications is a problem for you, you may consider investing in some form of reminder system. Whether it be something as simple as setting a daily alarm on your phone or using a voice-controlled alarm clock, these reminders can help you stay on track with your daily dosing schedule.

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